... is like oxygen in my life,
it just runs in my blood


A singer with many musical faces. Her voice may be heard in many voice-over, as well as TV and the radio commercial productions, and she feels just as much at home on stage as she does in the recording studio. Isabela is part of a voice-piano duo, performing a repertoire of cover songs on various international stages. She is part of an USA-based international association of singing teachers, Institute for Vocal Advancement, and trains her voice with some of the best master teachers from England, France and Ireland.

MONIQUE THOMAS (singer, vocal coach, Bordeaux-France)

I’ve been working with Isabela for a few years. I’m amazed that her voice gains more and more skills.

She is very creative and professional singer who’s doing her job with great passion.

ANDRESS MARTORELL (singer, producer, vocal coach, mentor, Galway-Ireland)

Great and powerful voice with a high range and very unique timbre.

Perfectly prepared for professional work in the studio as well as on the stage.

JOSHUA ALAMU (singer, songwriter, vocal coach, mentor, London-England)

Isabela is very self conscious about her work on stage.

She clearly knows how to use her strengths to catch the attention of audience.

I’m sure that she will succeed in her profession.