... it's an opportunity for a swift
moment to live as a different person,
discovering myself from unknown side,
almost like wearing a second skin.


 Casting type:

confident, sexy, diva, daydreamer, borderline character, devil-angel, seductive, manipulative, dangerous woman, mysterious, emotional ruined, hysteric, crazy, adorable, musical star, model,

California girl, young mom, Marilyn Monroe type, Natalie Portman in “Closer”, Rachel Mcadams in “The Notebook”, Beyonce type.

Simon Furness-Gibbon (Actors Temple, London)

I trained Isabela at the Actors Temple and MeisnerLAB. I found her

receptive and responsive to our work and to taking direction. She is a very sensual

actress. She listens well and I know she’d be a welcome and positive attribute to any

production she was a part of.